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PostSubject: WE ARE OPEN (ROSTER)   Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:38 pm


Welcome to Naruto Royale! Our site has just started and there's plenty of fun available things. We've got a referral contest to bring more folk to join us as well.

There's a free unrevokable starting bonus of 5% off the word count of any one character update on the site, that multiples with the referrals of people who make characters. Referral coupons can be split up to be used on multiple things reasonably. Additionally, characters get a free 100k in ryo, but they need to spend it within a week or March 28th.

Genin can be always registered, but we're also allowing the below ranks for now! Introduce yourself in the introductions forum and for each post, you get free ryo!

Starting Roster, as of the time of this post.

  • Konohagakure

    • Hokage: Lord Vizer
    • Elder: Zap Fosho
    • Jounin: Kuro Seishin Shikyo
    • Chuunin: Adèlicia, Seana, Banquo, Celestia.

  • Kumogakure

    • Raikage: Crow Sama
    • Elder: Closed
    • Jounin: Yago Hyuuga, Tetsumi Masashi
    • Chuunin: Vacant

  • Sunagakure

    • Kazekage: Damon Akuma.
    • Elder: Closed
    • Jounin: Vacant
    • Chuunin: Farren Hyuga, Takumi Hyuuga, Kasai Hyuuga.

  • Kirigakure

    • Mizukage: Kaori
    • Elder: Uchiha Kuroi
    • Jounin: Vacant
    • Chuunin: Ratna Aruna

Enjoy the site!


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